All In Good Time

Written And Performed By Tulis McCall
Jon Lonoff directs.

The Playroom Theater, 151 West 46th St., #8th Floor, December 11 and 12 – 8PM

Tulis McCall – Award-winning wit, wag, and piquant observer of life’s mysterious ways, McCall sets her sights on the greatest mystery of all: life and death, and how to live with both. When she suddenly sees a woman of a certain age staring back from her mirror, she demands to know how and when that broad got in there, and if she’s leaving anytime soon.

Press Reviews and Audience Comments

Are You Serious? – A Woman of a Certain Age Inquires is a funny and gently in-your-face rumination that muses on how we ignore and euphemize aging until we reach that tipping point where the future is shorter than the past.

A passionate and strong playwright and performer not to be missed!
Stage Buddy

Original, funny, insightful and moving.
Angelina Fiordellisi, Cherry Lane Theater

Brilliant and totally unique thinker. Hilarious… touching and provocative.
Robert Creighton, Creator and Star of CAGNEY

Tulis is a treasure, a glorious gift to the theatre.
Dan Lauria, Actor and Author

“If you are older than I, thank you for beating the bushes and leaving a trail,” says McCall. “If you are younger than I, think of me as waiting for you on the other side of your mid-life crisis. If you are my peer, welcome to the Bar Car. Drinks are on the house.” – Tulis McCall, All in Good Time

The Playroom Theater

Address: The Playroom Theater
151 West 46th Street #8th Floor
New York, NY 10036

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